The Vioneers Orpheus and The Raven Eye of the Tiger La béton Chenin Blanc 2021

Orpheus & The Raven Eye of the Tiger (Le béton Chenin Blanc) 2021 boasts a rich lemon colour, denoting the depth old vines (48 years old) bring to a wine.

Bright and youthful, flashes of yellow-gold add to the intensity adding to the beautiful silence of the wine, whispering, and not shouting plush aromas. The wine is guarded in its youth, sharing only gentle nuances of bruised orange peel, lemon, white pepper, pear, acacia, and frangipani. The same tension presents on the palate with a taut medley of green plum, apple, and quince and a subtle hint of saffron. At its core, the wine is still to bud into a broader style as nuances like honeysuckle, lanolin, marmalade, and beeswax will add more tertiary characteristics with bottle age. As for structure, the elegance of the wine is poised on a foundation created by its commanding lemony acidity adding length and enormous longevity.

ANALYSIS : ALC 12% | RS 2.7 pH | 3.42 | TA 6.1

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