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In 2004 I started a wine trade (“Chateau Romaine” named after the street I lived) in South African wines, I grew up with French wines from the Bordeaux region, but once my student life was over, I had to look for wines of a good price / quality range that were in my own budget. I quickly found the South Africa wines, which you could buy a top Bordeaux blend from, at the price of 15 Euro. 

In 2006 I expanded the offer to the new world, hence the World Wines reference ... From that time on, emphasis was placed on Argentina, Chile and South Africa, and also Australia, New Zealand and the USA. A little later, a number of European wines were added from Italy, Spain, Portugal and Austria.

Currently we have a broad range of wines (Hungary, Germany etc.), but the most important thing remains: this was a hobby that got out of hand, which means that every wine in the store has undergone a quality check by my own tasting. The most important thing for the customer is to find a tasty wine that fits in his or her budget! No nonsense but common sense!

BART VANPETEGHEM, founder of the World Wines Web store

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