Yoichi Single Malt


Nikka Yoichi Single Malt Whiskey is distilled by Nikka in Japan.
Since 1934, beautiful single malt whiskeys have been distilled here in the Nikka Hokkaido Yoichi distillery.
This is an assemblage of different vintages, creating a nice balance in taste with the right depth.
Nikka Yoichi is located on the coast of Hokkaido on the northern side of the island. Here they burn according to traditional methods with direct fire and coals.
In addition to smokiness and peat elements in this single malt, you will also encounter aromas of dark chocolate, nutmeg, and dried fruit. Nikka Yoichi is fine on the nose and smells lemon, freshly baked bread and vanilla. The taste is softly sweet and accessible with an elegant hint of smoke. The aftertaste of the Nikka Yoichi is medium-long and slightly salty.

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